Free Personal Check-up

Contact us for a free dental check-up with one of our specialists to discuss what dentistry option best suit your needs. 

The consultation includes a digital X-ray & a detailed treatment plan with alternative solutions – at no charge to you. 

Free consultation for all cosmetic dental procedures and implant procedures

ThermalDent is focused on your convenience and we would like you to feel comfortable with us so we give you the possibility to experience our dental services including a complimentary patient exam to learn more at no risk.


Along the consultation you will meet a specialist of our dental team so any initial queries that you have can be answered and you can let the dentist know of any problems you have experienced in the past. To reach a complete understanding of your present state of health, we take this time to get to know you and discuss your dental needs through the dental exam.


Our doctor will

  • listen carefully,
  • take an OPG (a large X-ray that gets a good overview of all your teeth and jaw bone),
  • plan a customized enhancement ont he same day,
  • discuss several treatment options to give you freedom of choice,
  • and discuss finance & payment options.

Book your check-up appointment with one of our trained dentists and experience the difference or browse our website for information on a range of dental treatment options.


About us

Our clinic is comprised of a highly professional and specialized team providing services designed for your maximal satisfaction. The words “thermal” and “dental” demonstrate our brand name as well as our professional commitment to quality care. Our services include top of the line equipment, skills, organization and full service accommodations for all our dignified clients. These are the foundations of ThermalDent!
ISO 9001:2008
This certificate is valid for the following scope:
Basic dental care, dental care, oral surgery, school dentistry.

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Case studies

37 years old female patient with congenitally missing two upper first premorals. Treatment:  Placement of two implants with two abutment crowns.


65 years old male patient’s central and lateral incisors was rehabilitated with a bridge 17 years ago which does not fit properly. Treatment: Single crowns on three implants. Placement of three implants with zirconium abutment crowns.