Our mission is to create a state-of-the-art oral surgery practice which provides the best possible clinical care to our patients in an environment of ultimate caring, comfort and convenience.
Every patient should be satisfied to say that ThermalDent is their oral care & hygiene supplier.
To create an environment and provide opportunities that inspire wholistic & holistic development of the individual. Every employee should feel appreciated, welcome, and genuinely happy at work.

Our clinics are comprised of a highly professional and specialized team providing services formed for our clients maximal satisfaction. The words ‘thermal’ and ‘dental’ demonstrate our brand name as well as our professional commitment to quality care.

Our services include top of the line equipment, skills, organization, guarantee for both dental implant & cosmetic dental treatments and full service accommodations for all our dignified clients. These are the foundations of ThermalDent!

What we are
proud of
  • Established in 2002
  • 2 dental clinics with the highest dental technologies
  • Strong and well organized dental team
  • 4 highly qualified dentists
  • 4 experienced dental nurses
  • 2 coordinators with assistance and receptionist functions
  • 6 internationally experienced customer care consultants
  • 5 spoken world languages
  • More than 3.000 satisfied patients/year (HU, AT, D, CH, IT, F, IRL)
We expect of ourselves... be the leading provider of dental care in Hungary
to excel both in terms of size and quality
to have a good reputation in which patients trust and of which employees are proud

The last couple of decades Hungarian dentistry enjoyed well deserved recognition, due to its highly trained practitioners. Through plenty consultation days in several places we recognized that even small dental problems could have giant effects on everyday life. The dental centre we have is a place for solving even tiny dental problems with the care everybody deserves. This is part of the Hungarian dental tradition. Our aim is to keep going on with this tradition so our clinic is proud to offer high quality dental treatment within tight time schedules, at affordable prices, with a guarantee.

Cosmetic dentistry
Teeth whitening
Aesthetical restoration
Dental Hygienic Treatment
Operative dentistry
Cyst, cyst operation
Removal of tooth, wisdom-tooth, broken roots
Tooth root resection
Conservative Dentistry
Root treatment
Dental crown
Combined prosthesis
Removable dentures
Treatment of carious milk-tooth
Filling up the tooth pits
Childhood mouth diseases
Travel management
Flight booking
Hotel reservation

Airport transfer
Relaxation & recreation
guided tours
gastronomic tours
Accessibility of Sárvár
The Thermal Bath

The most attractive part of the Sarvar area is without doubt its two completely different types of healing water upon which the development of Sárvar is based.

The pools (baths) of the complex are filled with alkaline hydrogen carbonate medicinal healing water, which is used mainly to treat the following disorders:

After treatment
following severe
inflammation of air tract
Conditions following
neurological disease
and neurosurgical operations
Asthmatic bronchitis
Chronic diseases of
the respiratory system
After treatment
following orthopaedic
and rheum surgical
Chronic degenerative
spine and joint complaints
Chronic gynaecological
Symptoms of menopause
Soft tissue rheumatism
After treatment
of accidents
Muscle bruising
Chronic inflammatory
phase of locomotive diseases
After treatment
of sport injuries
Muscle cramp
First impressions were great - the place is spotlessly clean and the staff is professional. Annie from Liverpool (UK)
I have been to Dr Somogyi several times now. Without exception I can say that Dr Somogyi is the best and I would not go anywhere else. Location is not central, but because they have a very efficient pick-up and bring home service presents no problems. Sinead from Bray (IRL)
I am fully satisfied with this place. There was no language barriers. I am returning early next year to get more work done, so happy with the outcome he has done an excellent job. Jim from New Jersey (US)
I received 6 front teeth crowns, they did an amazing job. Price was exactly what I had been quoted. Would recommended it to all our friends. Autoni from Gort (IRL)
Price comparison
Endodontics 700-800 € 55 €
Extraction 80-120 € 30 €
Crown, porcelain fused to metal 600-800 € 150 €
Panoramic X-ray (OPG) 60-100 € 40 €
Professional teeth whitening 300-450 € 300 €
Implant, complete (incl. standard abutment) 2.500€-4.000 € 700 €
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CH Switzerland
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IE Ireland
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DE Germany
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IT Italy
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