Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Dental implant is a solution to replace one or more missing teeth or even if you have no teeth at all. 



What is a tooth implant?

Tooth implant replaces the actual tooth root. During the operation the implants are put into the place of the lost teeth and then the crowns, bridges and protheses are fixed in this. Tooth implants are usually made from titan as it integrates properly into the bone due to its chemical and physical features and the human body totally accepts it, which are the basic criteria for a successful implant.

Dental Implant construction

dental implantat, tooth replacement

An implant, or a dental implant, consists of titanium or zirconoxide ceramic and replaces preliminary not the visible part of the tooth, but the root. Implants also make the uncomfortable root canal treatment unnecessary! Modern dental implants consist of 2(3) main parts: The implant, the artificial root that is placed into the jawbone and the visible tooth reconstruction, the implant crown and the implant stump, called the abutment. This abutment is screwed into the implant and is usually made of break-resistant special zirkonoxide ceramic or titanium. 

It can also be angled to enable an exact positioning of the attached crown in the row of teeth. The two-part or three-part construction principle enables the best possible efficiency, aesthetic, safety and hygiene!


Why Implant?

Bridges and prosthesis as dentures are outdated and not optimal for your health because neighbouring teeth are stripped or support elements are attached to them. This damages these teeth. Implants are modern, effective, hygienic and safe. They protect and stabilise the neighbouring teeth and the surrounding jaw bone. Implants are premium dentures for healthy bones and gums as well as for perfect smiles!

The following video shows the process of treatment of the implant:




The following pictures show before and after of the dental treatment:

Vor der Implantazionen,  Zahnärztliche Bahandleugen After dental treatment








Vor der Implantazionen,  Zahnärztliche Bahandleugen After dental treatment








Before dental treatment After dental treatment

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Case studies

37 years old female patient with congenitally missing two upper first premorals. Treatment:  Placement of two implants with two abutment crowns.


65 years old male patient’s central and lateral incisors was rehabilitated with a bridge 17 years ago which does not fit properly. Treatment: Single crowns on three implants. Placement of three implants with zirconium abutment crowns.