Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment 1 or 2 canal

When the nerve of the tooth becomes infected,the root canal (endodon-tic) treatment can repair and save the tooth successfully.

What is Root Canal Treatment?


The root treatment is always preceded by an evaluation, an X- ray. After this, in local anesthesia the decayed tooth parts are removed and the dental pulp chamber is opened. With equipments different in size and surface we remove the dead and inflamed nerves and veins. After cleaning all the channels they are rinsed with a disinfecting liquid; then the channels are dried. In some cases medicinal treatment might be necessary. Sometimes the root channel shall be opened for a few days to let the abnormal liquids clear out. Finally the tooth root can be filled.

root canal treatment

What is Root Canal Filling?

In such cases no anesthesia is needed as there are no living nerves in the tooth. Last phase of the root filling is the actual filling of the tooth root which is carried out with a so called lateral condense method. It means that the material used for root filling - the material of which is gutta percha - is pushed to each other in the root channel with an equipment designed for this purpose. Special material is used for sticking the gutta percha points to each other. The filling material fills up the root channel till its top, closing down the channel from bacteria. After root filling the decayed tooth crown is temporarily filled up with a special filling material as the crown can be closed down finally only after hardening of the root filling.

How long does it take to get a root canal?

Root canal treatment takes one to three treatments depends on the complexity of the tooth's anatomy.  It can typically be completed in 1 appointment but in case of infections usually need to be treated over a few appointments to ensure that infectious tissue has been cleaned out.  Dentist sometimes choose to leave some medication in the tooth for a week or two before completing the root canal.

Is root canal treatment painful?

Root canal treatment today is no more uncomfortable, the pain they feel is caused by an infection in the tooth. The root canal therapy itself is painless and it is done to relieve that pain. 

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Case studies

37 years old female patient with congenitally missing two upper first premorals. Treatment:  Placement of two implants with two abutment crowns.


65 years old male patient’s central and lateral incisors was rehabilitated with a bridge 17 years ago which does not fit properly. Treatment: Single crowns on three implants. Placement of three implants with zirconium abutment crowns.